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Here's what people are saying about Carolina Family Connections:

In the 13 years I have been with Carolina Family Connections, I can honestly say that this is an exceptional agency that engages with their foster families on a regular basis so that as a community we can make a difference.  Laine and Ritchie are always there for me to answer questions, ease my concerns, and make sure that I have the resources I need to be the best foster parent I can be.  They are quick to respond and communicate with me and my family, and I am confident that they always have my back.  Their compassion, support and dedication to families makes me proud to say that I am a CFC foster parent!


Maria Caban, July 2021



Carolina Family Connections has made a huge impact in shaping us as foster parents – coaching us to endure the ups and downs of the legal system and the complexities of the biological families. Our social workers and staff genuinely care about us, as if we are their own family. They have been great resources to helping us navigate the court systems, working with DSS and GALs, as well as working through the specific needs of our foster son (physical and emotional). The experience and knowledge that the team at CFC has is incredible and is extremely valuable to working through the challenges of this chapter in our lives. Having a loyal, compassionate and knowledgeable case worker can be the difference in giving up when things get hard and persevering through the valley and experiencing the blessings. We would highly recommend this agency (and have already) for the long haul of being a foster parent."


Theo & Brittany Facinoli, July 2019



"I cannot speak highly enough of my experience as a foster parent licensed through Carolina Family Connections. Even though I have a strong knowledge base of the foster care system and have a lot of experience in this arena, having CFC, and specifically our placement social worker, Melisa Patterson, to support our foster home and advocate for us when we needed has truly been priceless. Whether it has been connecting us to resources, facilitating challenging converstaions with DSS, or just being there to lend an ear during stressful times, CFC has been a tremendous asset. I don't think we would be a successful foster home without CFC there to help us navigate through the process." 


Christina Mulheren, July 2019



"When we moved to the Charlotte area six years ago, one of our initial desires was to become foster parents in hopes that we could provide a safe home environment for a child in need. We had previously dealt with a very large state agency in our former home state, but we hoped to find an agency that felt more intimate and personal. We knew instantly upon our first meeting that CFC would be the perfect fit.  Any time we had a question or concern, we could depend on anyone in the office to happily assist us, and we quickly felt as if we gained a new family.


The MAPP classes were informative and interesting, and we learned so much about the journey we were about to undertake as foster parents of a small child.  Little did we know that the best gifts come in many packages, for we eventually received a call that a pair of toddler siblings needed a home, and we accepted with glee!


The foster children remained in our care for four years, and our CFC family was there for us through every celebratory moment and difficult hurdle, without fail. Our home visits always felt very comfortable, as they truly seemed invested in supporting our interests in guiding the children socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. When we were about to enter our fifth year as foster parents, we learned through the court system that the siblings needed a permanent home, and we are now extremely proud parents of these healthy, happy, and well-adjusted children. We consider CFC our extended family and still remain extremely close. We call our CFC family "parents" as well, for we couldn't have asked for better support, guidance, love, and attention than we were given during our journey."


-C.G. & L.W.


"Carolina Family Connections has been a wonderful organization to work with over the last three years.  They have been there to answer any questions we may have with the children, they have been there to guide us with court hearings, ideas on how to handle certain issues with the children and sometimes just an ear on the other end to talk to about the children.  Everyone there has always been professional and friendly.  They have a wonderful group of people working for them.  They do many other things for the children, (Christmas party, summer cook-out, school supplies and other needed supplies from their warehouse).  They also offer classes at their office and online classes to help you with your child’s special needs.  I would recommend them if you're interested in becoming a foster parent.  It is rewarding and a blessing to make the difference in a child’s life.  These foster children need to feel safe and loved and being a foster parent can offer that to them."


-Matthew and Ranee Ford, August 2014


"My experience with Carolina Family Connections has been one of the best things that ever happened to me since I have been in foster care.  Carolina Family Connections has a connection with us that surpasses just being a child with a case worker.  Ever since I have come in contact with them I have felt as if I was granted another set of parents.  The support system they provide is out of this world.  I can call them and I know they will be there for me when I'm angry, sad or happy.  Through anything I know I can depend on them.  There is never a need that goes unmet when it comes to this great group of people.  I've been granted with a lifetime connection and people who genuinely care for their kids as if they birthed them themselves.  The support system they provide just makes you want to be successful and with them in your corner that's the only option you have.  Carolina Family Connections and the people that make it up have truly changed my life for the better and I am truly grateful for these genuine, caring, great people.


-Shakil, Former Foster Child, September 2016


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